The beautiful simplicity of a notepad and the brains of a smartphone app

Digitise your handwritten notes and make them easily available wherever you go.



* CamNote App is available FREE for Android and iOS

A Good Idea for Organising Good Ideas

CamNote is a system designed to make your life easier and more productive. It comprises of a notepad that’s smart in more ways than one and a free app that works with the notepads to quickly digitise your handwritten words.

The special markings on the CamNote range of notepad make scanning with the free app really quick and simple. They’re designed to fit into your lifestyle, your bag and your pocket.

Either the app or the notepads can be used separately, but they’re more powerful when put together.

CamNote Notepads

The CamNote app automatically detects, crops and enhances your notes so that you have more time to spend on generating creative ideas. Letting you scan your notes in as few as four taps, the CamNote app is designed with simplicity and productivity in mind.

The app works best with the CamNote notepad range. Both size notepads contain special features on every one of it’s double sided pages which allow the app to recognise the page, orientation, angle and make other clever enhancements.

Don’t worry, if you find you’ve left your notepad at home or you’ve written an amazing business idea on a napkin, the app still works with ordinary paper, although it will ask you to post-process your notes manually.

Free Smartphone App

How it works

Take notes on paper

When you write your notes on a CamNote notepad, you can quickly digitise them with minimal fuss. This means you won’t have to worry about typing them up on your computer or scanning it in later.

Many colleagues and bosses disapprove of using a laptop or tablet during meetings. They find it disruptive. We believe it is also much easier to use a pen and paper than a stylus and tablet. Writing on paper also engages your brain so you have to do less work later and you can instantly file or share your notes.

Make them digital

Used together, the CamNote notepad range and the app work together to efficiently digitise and organise your notes in just four taps.

Going digital means you won’t have endless notes on your desk to search through. The CamNote app is so portable you’ll even be able to scan in notes and organise them on the move.

Read them later

The CamNote app lets you easily find your notes when you need them again using a smart tagging system.

When you’ve digitised your notes using the CamNote app, there’s no need to worry about having left your notebook at home. Your notes are accessible even if you don’t have your phone as the app synchronises your notes with your preferred cloud service discreetly, in the background.

Ways to use CamNote


Use CamNote for studying

Using CamNote can help you learn more effectively. Studies have shown that handwriting as opposed to typing engages your brain with the subject in hand. You can also tag your notes according to subject so it’s immediately filed and you can get on with more important work.


Use CamNote for meetings

Share meeting notes with business partners. Using the CamNote notepad in meetings is quicker than trying to type on a tablet. You can also save information written on flip charts or whiteboards with just a few taps.


Capture ideas and inspiration when you’re on the go

We understand that inspiration doesn’t always happen when you’re sitting at your desk. You can use CamNote to capture ideas, whether you’ve written them on a napkin or another scrap of paper you just happened to have on you. Then when you’ve digitally captured it, you won’t have to worry about losing your multi-billion dollar idea.


Keep information when you’re at seminars and presentations

With the CamNote app you can capture notes and slides on whiteboards and presentations. The app will de-skew the image so you can save the information from wherever you’re sat in the room. It also saves your notes in colour so you don’t have to worry about losing important information.


Share your to-do list

CamNote makes delegation easy, you can easily share your to-do list freeing up more time for you. Delegation doesn’t need to stay in work; you can delegate other things like chores to your tech savvy kids or your shopping list to your partner if you can’t make it to the store before it closes.


Use CamNote to share your thoughts with us

Write us a letter of how you’ve found the CamNote app and the notepads helpful and send it to us via the app. Say hello to us at

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